National Updates - June 2023


Belonging, engaging and participating

Consulting on draft guidance to ensure that:
– it sets out approaches to help practitioners and partners to improve learner engagement and attendance and it is a useful, practical document
– it outlines the important role of family and community engagement in securing improved engagement and attendance amongst learners
– it provides an overview of current policies, principles and approaches that should be adopted in improving learner engagement and attendance.

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National Updates

Sustainable Communities for Learning.
This guidance is aimed at local authorities, further education institutions, diocesan authorities, and higher education institutions. The guidance should be used when preparing business cases for capital and revenue funding from the Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme.

Updated June 2023Pupil Development Grant: guidance.

Updated June 2023Curriculum for Wales: statements of what matters code.
Sets out the 27 statements of what matters across the 6 areas of learning and experience.

Updated June 2023Federation process of maintained schools: guidance for governing bodies and local authorities.
Advice and information on setting up a single governing body across multiple schools.


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