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Revisions to the Curriculum Guidance
The curriculum guidance published in January 2020 was created in partnership with schools, supported by experts, over several years. It was also informed by an extensive consultation exercise in 2019, whose feedback pointed to the need for additional guidance and some amendment in key areas.

Over the last year, practitioners, stakeholders and partners have been co-constructing that additional and revised guidance, which is now being published for consultation.

Eight areas are open for consultation, which will run for eight weeks until 16th July. Once the feedback has been analysed, the curriculum guidance will be updated and published in two tranches – September and December – this year.

The consultation titles are:
Relationships and Sexuality Education guidance and Code
Religion Values and Ethics
Careers and Work-Related Experiences
Enabling Pathways
Revisions to the Cross Curricular Skills Frameworks
A curriculum for non-maintained settings to adopt

And covering subordinate legislation:
Draft Progression Code
Draft Statements of What Matters Code

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