List of Welsh Government Guidance documents

Additional Learning Needs Code and Regulations (2022)

Anti-Bullying Guidance – Rights, Respect, Equality: Guidance for Schools (2019)

Attendance in schools and settings (coronavirus) (2022)

Capability of Headteachers – Guidance for Schools (2014)

Capability of School Teaching Staff – Guidance for Schools (2013)

Charging for school activities: guidance for governing bodies and head teachers (2015)

Charities and charity trustees: guidance for school governors (2019)

Community Focused Schools (2023)

Curriculum for Wales

Disciplinary and dismissal procedures for school staff (2020)

Educational Visits and Outdoor Learning

Education guidance to support Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children and young people (2023)

Emergency planning and response guidance for education and childcare settings

Emotional health and wellbeing: best practice in schools and early years settings (2010)

Exclusion from Schools and Pupil Referral Units (2019)

Family and Community Engagement Toolkit for Schools (2015)

Federation Process of Maintained Schools in Wales (2023)

Free Breakfast in Primary Schools Scheme: Statutory Guidance (2022)

Food and drink in schools

Substance misuse education: guidance (2013)

Handling Allegations of Abuse Against Teachers and Other Staff (2014)

Healthy Eating in Maintained Schools : Statutory Guidance (2014)

Inclusion and Pupil Support (2016)

Keeping Learners Safe – The Role of Local Authorities, Governing Bodies and Proprietors of Independent Schools (2022)

Learning Continuity Guidance

Mandatory Training for Governors / Clerks (2015)

National Model for Regional Working (2014)

Opening Schools in Extreme Bad Weather (2022)

Parents and parental responsibility: guidance for schools

Parent meetings: guidance for governing bodies (2013)

Partnership Agreements: Guidance for Local Authorities and Schools (2008)

Penalty Notices for Regular Non-Attendance (2013)

Procedures for Reporting Misconduct and Incompetence in the Education Workforce In Wales (2015)

Professional Development Review guidance (2024)

Professional Learning Communities (2013)

Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership (2020)

Protection of Biometric Information in Schools and Further Education Institutions (2022)

Pupil Development Grant – Guidance (2023)

Raising the Ambitions And Educational Attainment of Children who are Looked After (2016)

Regulations about Reporting School And Pupil Information (2021)

Respect and Resilience: Developing Community Cohesion (2011)

Rewriting The Future : Raising Ambition and Attainment in Welsh Schools (2014)

Safe and effective intervention: guidance for schools and local authorities (2013)

School Admissions

School attendance and religious festivals guidance (2023)

School buildings and technology

School Complaints Procedures: guidance (2022)

School improvement guidance: framework for evaluation, improvement and accountability (2022)

School Organisation Code (2018)

School Prospectuses: Guidance for Headteachers & Governing Bodies (2001)

School Toilets: Good Practice Guidance (2012)

School uniform and appearance: policy guidance for governing bodies (2023)

School Workforce Attendance: Guidance (2020)

Schools Causing Concern – Guidance for Schools and Local Authorities (2017)

Supporting Learners with Healthcare Needs (2018)

Transition from primary to secondary school guidance (2022)

Whistleblowing in schools: guidance (2023)

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